Oren Kramek

"When the going gets weird, the turn pro" -HST

a Google a Day for Google+

Project: Gamification of Google Search for Google+

Client: Google

Role: Product Design, Creative direction & Design

Client Objectives

  • Engage and educate users
  • Drive affinity with the Google brand and flagship product through a fun and engaging experience
  • Increase engagement by creating a custom, social game based on Google search, and time on site
  • Help users learn to use the suite of Google search tools more efficiently
  • Increase awareness and adoption of the Google+ platform


  • Design, develop and deploy gamification system, creative, content and a user experience for a “search game”
  • Extend that search game experience onto the new social platform to drive user registration and engagement
  • Significantly exceeded project targets, engagement, and press recognition among key influencers

Shared Results

  • 500% increase in time on site (from 3 to 15 minutes), tens of thousands of AGAD users querying Google search multiple times, and thousands of new unique and highly-engaged visitors to Google+ during the game campaign. In addition, the AGAD video received >7M views on YouTube
  • Write-ups in Wired, Gamification.co, and Technorati.