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The story of is on that deals with the heroic actions of a young boy born with malformed hands and feet fighting to survive World War Two and preserve his faith.



Teddy was forced to stay behind in Austria as his family fled to America because he was not allowed to immigrate due o his birth defects. Teddy stayed with his grandmother until the conditions in Vienna would no longer allow it. He and his grandmother had to separate as they fled from Austria during an air raid: Teddy traveled to France and was taken in by nuns in a Catholic orphanage; his grandmother, immediate whereabouts unknown, did survive the war. Life at the monastery was good – he had food, shelter and protection from the Nazis – but the nuns kept trying to convert him to Christianity. At this moment Teddy had his Epiphany. While he was never very religious, at age 10, he could appreciate Judaism and wanted to fully embrace his faith; it was part of his identity and he did not want it taken away from him.



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